General Civil Tentative Rulings Query Information and Instructions

The access to the Law and Motions and Discovery Tentative Rulings system is interactive. When you make a request, the results will always be the current information in the Court Case Management System. It will reflect all rulings up to the time of inquiry. Please read through the information below to understand case numbering structure and calendar display structure. 

Availability of Tentative Rulings:

Rulings on matters will be available one to three days before the hearing date.

Sample Calendar Display

Line 43

Case Number GCG-89-135986

Case Title: Con. Of Rudolph Mendes Trasvina Jr.

Court Date: April 10, 2000 Time: 9:30 Am Room 204

Calendar Matter: Petition to Change Venue continued from 1/26/00

Ruling: Off Calendar Examiner: Christine Nahnsen

Query Data Field Requirements

To receive Tentative Rulings Calendar Information, you must enter either the Case Number or Date of Calendar. 

To speed up the search, you can enter both the Case Number and the Calendar Date.

The Formats for the required fields are described below.  

Case Number Entry Format and Description

There are 4 parts to a case number:

(On converted cases this would be the current case number

The case number CGC-99-123456 is interpreted as:

When case number is requested for tentative rulings display, the case number is entered without dashes.

Sample: CGC99123456; or you can enter the 6 character case Sequence Number - Sample: 123456.

Date Entry Format and Description

                    Dates are entered via drop down selection.